Recent Cases

  • Numerous birth trauma cases involving catastrophic injury to newborns
  • Failure to recognize complications after routine surgery resulting in death
  • Assault and death at an assisted living center
  • Forklift Rollover resulting in death
  • Helicopter crash as a result of aviation products liability
  • Nursing home negligence resulting in decubitus ulcers and death
  • Obstetrical and gynecological negligence resulting in death
  • Failure to diagnose lung cancer
  • Failure to diagnose gynecological cancer
  • Failure to diagnose infection resulting in heart valve transplant
  • Failure to diagnose complications after abdominal surgery resulting in infection and loss of limbs
  • Auto crash resulting from driver distraction
  • Automotive products liability resulting in significant closed head injury and loss of cognitive function
  • Auto-cyclist collision resulting in death
  • Improper prescription of medication resulting in toxic epidermal necrolysis (burns over 95% of the patient’s body)
  • Hospital negligence resulting in the death of a child
  • Failure to diagnose skin cancer
  • Failure to diagnose pneumonia

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